Masumi Kuwata, Japanese baseball hero, first discovered Providence some years ago when it was introduced to him at a restaurant in Miyazaki, Japan. Providence quickly became his favourite New World wine. M. Kuwata mentioned he would love to make a vintage at Providence. This happened in 2010, which was a perfect year. As a result of M. Kuwata and Jim Vuletic’s co-operation, we have the best vintage of Providence produced to date, the 2010 Kuwata Vintage.


Weather and Harvest Conditions

The 2010 vintage began with usual rainfall during winter, preparing the vines for the growing season.  The 2010 summer was the driest on record for the area. Temperatures reached 33degrees by day and lows of 8 by night, creating incredible concentration and complexity of flavours. It was the perfect vintage from start to finish. The quality of the grapes used in the 2010 vintage were among the best in our history.

Quality of Vintage 


Tasting Notes 

Private Reserve 

Cabernet Franc 46%, Merlot 38%, Malbec 16% (13.5%alc)
Concentrated berry colour with a rich nose of currant and cherry. On the palate it shows tremendous depth and texture with purity of fruit. Chocolate, coffee and berry characteristics combine with elegant acidity and ripe tannins to produce a voluptuous texture and Grand Cru finesse. An extremely complex wine. Long, elegant finish. Age potential 15 - 25 years.



100% Syrah (13%alc)
Deep cherry colour with hints of copper. Smooth, sweet red fruit nose with notes of cinnamon spice. Complex cherry fruit and chocolate give way to dusty, refined tannin's. Incredibly creamy finish. Lingering vanilla, fruit sweetness on the palette. Powerful and engaging tannin's indicate a long ageing potential.


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