Vintage and Weather Conditions 

The 2008 was an exceptional year for Providence. Fruit-set was particularly good in the Cabernet Franc and Malbec and good for the Merlot. The summer was characterised by small amounts of rainfall over the ripening season, which complemented the high temperatures and high sunshine hours experienced. At the time of harvest, the vines and bunches were in excellent condition.

Quality of Vintage 


Tasting Notes

Private Reserve 

Merlot 41% Cabernet Franc 32% Malbec 27% (13%alc.)

Concentrated berry colour with a refined nose of currant and cherry. On the palate it shows tremendous depth and texture with purity of fruit. Chocolate, coffee and berry characteristics combine with soft acidity and ripe tannins to produce a voluptuous texture and Grand Cru finesse. An extremely complex wine. Long, elegant finish.  The 2008 benefits from decanting because of its young age. 



Syrah 100% (13%alc.)

Superior and complex characteristics exist on the palate. Elegant, soft tannins balance the fresh berry-fruit present throughout the palate. A long finish of cocoa and oak.



Merlot 34% Cabernet Franc 25% Malbec 21% Syrah 20% (13%alc.)

A strong wine with superior tannin and fruit structure. The palate is a balance of soft, dusty tannins, perfectly ripe berry-fruit sweetness and elegant fine oak in the background.